For the Rugby World Cup 2023, Defender has teamed up with DRIVING EVOLUTION for a scrum of activations across France.

A varied event composition:

-From tests to press tests.
5 press operations in France: Paris, Lille, Marseille, Lyon.
When the pack moves forward, the Defender follows, no need for clearing to tackle offroad experiences.
Press operations with technical supervision on the creation of communication supports.

-A World Cup at home to experience at home.
6 instructors, from September 6 to October 16 at the Defender House in Cassis and Marseille.

-In third line.
4 geniuses were present at each match at the Stade de France on static displays.
After the field test, the opportunity to turn your dream into reality with our geniuses.

-15 players on the field?
15 drivers mobilized from the quarter-finals until the final, for tailor-made and personalized transfers for top management and Jaguar Land Rover guests.

Events strong in fundamental and common values: courage, determination, solidarity and inclusion!

Thank you to the IMAGINATION and JLR FRANCE teams for this beautiful game: